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Yakkle, A Good Sharing Tool

Do you use instant messenger such as Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger, or Gtalk? I do. It is a good way to keep contact with family and friends, also these tools can transfer your pictures, files to others. But if you want share your file on your desk how can you do? Use other remote control software, but you still need use instant messenger if you want keep contact live with other one. For example, if you want show someone how to use a software, and you need use audio to explain something. Now, you can use Yakkle that can combine both software. Yakkle is an instant messenger and with desk sharing feature, so you can use it to share your desk with your friends. Yakkle works with Gtalk, but not support other instant messengers. If you are interesting you can go its main page for download.

你使用网络即时通如Yahoo MessengerMSN MessengerGtalk吗?我就使用他们。这些工具都是非常好的方法来与家人和朋友们保持联络,而且他们还可以替你传送图片、文件给别人。但是如果你要与他人分享你的电脑桌面的话该如何办?当然是使用另外的桌面分享软件,如果你想现场保持联系的话还是要使用即时通,如你想给一个朋友显示如何操作一个软件,你需要用音频来解释。现在,你可以使用Yakkle,它可以将两者合二为一。Yakkle是一个附带桌面分享功能的即时通,所以你可以使用它来联系他人并分享桌面。Yakkle目前只能与Gtalk配合使用,并不支持其他的即时通软件。如果你对它感兴趣的话可以去它的主页上下载。

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