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Free Use Norton Antibot One Year

Norton Antibot is a product of Symantec, that can do real time protection against Web robot (bot) attacks, keep aways hijacking from your PC.

A German computer magazine offers a link for get Norton Antibot serials code for one year service for free. It is a German site so if you do not understand German you can follow this step: enter your email address into form field, check the Ich akzeptiere box and click on the Gratis Produktschlüssel Anfordern button. It will send an email with serials code to you at once.

Now you can direct click this link to download that software (English version). If everything is OK you can use that product whole year for free. This software cost $29.99.

Norton Antibot是赛门铁克的一个反网络机器人的软件,它可以实时保护你的电脑不被那些不良网站上的恶意代码所侵入,避免网页劫持。

一个德国的电脑杂志提供了一个可以得到免费使用一年的注册码链接。它是一个德文网站,如果你不懂德文的话可以按一下步骤进行:首先在框内输入你的邮件地址,然后在Ich akzeptiere前的小框内打勾,点击Gratis Produktschlüssel Anfordern按钮即可。它会立刻给你发送一个附有注册码的邮件。


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