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Get Your Lost Stuff Back

You Get It Back is a lost and found service that mediates between owners and finders of lost or stolen items to arrange their safe return the rightful owners. I am really do not know what they do, according to its website says it use high tech ID tag.

This service especially for digital products such as laptop, digital camera, PDA, MP3 player. If your stuff lost you can report it to You Get It Back, it will do other thing for you till your stuff possible return.

This is a very good idea but I think it still not easy to get stuff back. This service is not free, you need to buy ID tags for your stuff. I do not thing that service will be popular.

You Get It Back是一个失物招领服务网站,它居于物件丢失者和发现者之间,协调两者之间的东西归还。我并不知道它是如何运行的,据它的网站说它使用高技术的ID标签。

这个服务尤其适合数码产品,如笔记本电脑、数码相机、PDA和MP3播放机。如果你的东西丢失的话可以立刻向You Get It Back报告,其他的事就不用操心,直到东西找到为止。


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