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Free Steganos Security Suite 2007

Steganos is a internet security software company, it has some useful security tools, such as Steganos Security Suite, Steganos Saft, Steganos Privacy Suite. These software are not free, if you want use them longer than test time you need pay money.

Now, it has a good way to get Steganos Security Suite 2007 for free. How? It is simple, just follow these steps: Go to Steganos Page (German) type your email address in the bar, after that it will send a serial code to you.

Next, you can download Steganos Security Suite 2007, if you like you can click this link for downloading. After you setup it you can put that serial code which you received into software. All done!

Steganos Security Suite 2007 is not newest version, 2008 version is new one now, it cost about $70 dollars.

Steganos是一个网络安全软件公司,它有不少不错的网络安全工具,包括Steganos Security Suite、Steganos Saft、Steganos Privacy Suite等。这些软件并不免费,如果你想长期使用的话就必须付费使用。

现在,有一个方法可以得到免费Steganos Security Suite 2007。很简单,只要跟随下面的步骤即可:先到Steganos的网页(德文),输入你的电子邮件地址。之后它会将软件注册码发送到你的邮箱内。

下一步时下载Steganos Security Suite 2007。如何做?点击这个链接即可直接下载。安装后将发送给你的注册码输入软件中即可。

Steganos Security Suite 2007并非是最新版本,目前最新版本是2008,价值大概70美元。

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