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Search Airport Wi-Fi Hot Spot

When I was a little I had a dream that was I can go to big city which next to my town. After I grew up I like traveling, and I know many people like that. Last year I went Japan and China, I brought my laptop with me, it is good way to kill time while you waiting for plane. I do not like play game or watch video, prefer get online to browse something, but that depends on free Wi-Fi hot spot in airport.

Atlarge is a good online community that offers some information about free Wi-Fi internet access airports around the world. You can search airports by IATA code, airport, city, and country. You can also use Google Maps to check airport.

You can rate airport which you knew, it has six aspects: Wi-Fi, Cellular, Fixed line, Powerpoints, Comfort, and Value. As I know, some Wi-Fi hot spots are not free, like in Starbucks Wi-Fi hot spot you need AT&T account.



你也可以对你知道的机场进行评分,这有六个方面:Wi-Fi, Cellular, Fixed line, Powerpoints, Comfort和Value。据我所知,有些Wi-fi网络接入服务并不是免费的,如星巴克咖啡店的Wi-Fi热点需要AT&T账户。

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