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Naubo, A Tech News Aggregator

Naubo is a web based news aggregator, that focuses technology related news and blog posts. The interface is very similar Google News but only for tech news and blogs. It has three subjects: News, Blogs, Buzz. The news are covering some big tech companies such as Microsoft, Apple, or Linux.

If you like read tech blog maybe that is a good place for you. You can choose Top Stories to read some interesting articles. Gadgets, that track some news from different news sources released which included new gadgets for devices, cellphone.

Of course, you can submit stories after you registered. Naubo is still a new site, it should be improved late if it want attract more users.

Naubo是一个在线新闻聚合器,它主要集中在电脑技术新闻和相关的blog。它的界面非常类似Google News,但仅限于技术方面的文章。它有三个主题:News, Blogs, Buzz。它的新闻包含了一些大公司如Microsoft, Apple,还有Linux。

如果你喜欢读技术方面的新闻的话也许这是一个好地方,你可以选择Top Stories主题来读一些有意思的文章。Gadgets,则是关注一些新装置如移动电话。


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