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Useful Web Tool Links

Some useful links:

Linoit - It is a web based sticky note service, that allows everybody use browser to create sticky note. It also lets you share note with other people. Free to register, and it supports Open ID account.

Yawas - Firefox extension, highlight or clip the web and add it to your Google Bookmarks. - Offers some online text tools that can convert to other text format.

Fontshop - Offers a way that you can create, share and download your own fonts.

Free Icons Download - High Quality Royalty Free icons for Windows, Mac and Linux, Offers Ico,Gif,Bmp,Png various icons format.

Linoit - 在线索手贴服务网站, 可以让任何人使用浏览器来创建随手贴。它也可以让你的随手贴于他人分享。免费注册,支持Open ID账户。

Yawas - Firefox扩展,高亮或贴上网站,并可以将其添加到你的Google书签中。 - 提供在线文字工具,可以转换不同的文字格式。

Fontshop - 提供一个方法来创建、分享、和下载自己的字体。

Free Icons Download - 高质量的图标,适用于Windows, Mac和Linux,提供Ico、Gif、Bmp、Png等各种格式图标。


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