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Build VPN To Protect Your Privacy

Linkideo is a secure internet solution company that offers online VPN service. You can build your virtual personal network with Linkideo, after that, it will secure your internet accessing, like anonymous connect internet, hide your IP address.

Not like another VPN solution Hotspot Shield that need download a software for access its service, with Linkideo only thing you need to do that is setup a new network in Control Panel of PC.

Setup steps below (Windows XP).

- Click Start, and then click Control Panel.
- In Control Panel, double click Network Connections.
- Click Create a new connection in the Network Tasks task pad.
- In the Network Connection Wizard, click Next.
- Click Connect to the network at my workplace, and then click Next.
- Click Virtual Private Network Connection, and then click Next.
- Give it a name like type "Linkideo VPN link" or other name.
- Type the host name : Click Next.
- You can add shortcut to your desktop. Click "finsh", all done.
- Last step is type your user name and password into a bar when you click connection icon.

You can also watch this video that shows you how to setup a virtual network.

Linkideo has some different VPN solutions, if you only want surf website you can pick up free one.


不象另一个知名的VPN服务Hotspot Shield那样,需要下载一个小软件来连接服务器。使用Linkideo,你需要做的是在你的电脑中的控制面板中建立一个新网络连接即可。

这里是具体步骤(Windows XP):
- 点击开始,然后选控制面板
- 在控制面板中双击网络连接
- 在网络任务栏中点击建立一个新连接
- 在网络连接向导中点下一步
- 勾选我的工作地方,并点击下一步
- 点击虚拟个人网络连接,然后点下一步
- 给它去一个名字如"Linkideo VPN link" ,或者其他的名字。
- 输入服务器地址:,点下一步
- 你可以将该连接图标添加到电脑桌面,然后点结束。全部完成。
- 最后一步是当你点击虚拟个人网络图标是需要输入用户名和密码,这可以在Linkideo网站上免费注册得到。


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