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Goolge Street View Community

I like Google Maps, every time before I drive to other place I need check it. Even I have GPS navigator now I still like check I like Google Maps.

I like Google Maps adds street view function that allows you to see a real picture in local street scene. If you use Google Maps to search some places you will see street view especially in some big cities. You can drag picture look around the scene by 360 degree.

StreetView Gallery is a website that collects many Google street view pictures. It like a online community, you can search, vote, submit Google street view story. You can browse different pictures by sorts like place, people, animal, and so on. If you like you can see different street scenes, some are funny. But some people also angry about Google street view, because it violates their privacy.

我喜欢Google Maps,每次在我驾车外出到别的地方前都要查看它。即使现在我有了GPS导航机我还是喜欢看一下Google Maps

Google Maps添加了街景图片,它可以让你查看现场的街头景象,你可以用鼠标拖拉图片来查看360度方位。如果你使用Google Maps的话就可以在一些地方查看街景,尤其是一些大城市。

StreetView Gallery是一个网站,它收集很多Google Maps的街景图片。它看上去像一个在线社区,你可以浏览、评选、递交Google的街景图片。你可以用类别来搜索不同的街景图片,有些非常有趣。但是也有一些人对Google的街景图片非常生气,因为它触犯了个人隐私。

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