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Watch High Definition Youtube Video

Youtube recently offers HD video that means you can watch or download (use other way) higher definition video. But it does not mean all Youtube videos are high definition, it is really hard to know which one you can watch in high definition, most videos are still regular quality which use .flv format.

Recently, Unofficial Google Blog posts a trick to watch and download high quality video. How to do? Actually that should be easier than you thought.

You can add a few letters after a regular Youtube URL. For example, if you added &fmt=6 after normal RUL, you will watch a high quality video (compare to regular one). If you added &fmt=18 you can watch or download high definition video (MP4).


High quality

High definition


最近,非官方的Google Blog发布了一个观看不同画质视频的诀窍。如何观看高画质视频?说起来比你想象的要简单的多。





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