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Web based Multi Instant Messengers In One

I know some web services that offer web based instant messenger for people using without download instant client, you can sign on one page, just pick one which you assigned instant server, such as Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger, ICQ, and so on.

I had some posts that introduced these kind web servers, like Koolim, Ebuddy. Now, another similar server that called Instant-t is running. It allows you sign in your several instant clients with your ID that including Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger, ICQ. It is not only offers web based instant messenger, it also offers an instant client that combine these instant messengers all in one, you can free download.

I did not try it but it looks interesting. Maybe you can try one day.

我知道有些网站提供免下载的在线即时通讯服务,你可以在一个网页上登录不同的即时通讯账户,如Yahoo MessengerMSN MessengerICQ等等。

我以前也介绍过一些这样的网站,如KoolimEbuddy。现在,另外一个叫Instant-t的网站也提供类似的服务。它让你在一个页面上使用现有的ID来登录不同的即时通讯账户,包括Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger, ICQ等等。它不仅提供在线即时通讯服务,还提供一个客户端下载,同样也是一个多合一的客户端,可免费下载。


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