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Upload Your File To Multi-sites

I wrote an article that introduced a web service allow you upload file once time and send it to several web servers. Today, I found another two similar sites.

upload Jockey allows you upload your file to its server, but it does not host, it will send your file to other file host sites, such as Rapidshare, , , Badango,Megaupload and Depositfiles. If someone wants download your file he can choose which host site he like download. It is a free service.

Another similar site is File Ducky. If you like upload file to these host sites maybe that is good choice, because you do not need send a file stop site by site.


upload Jockey允许你上传文件到它的服务器上,它会将文件转发到其他的文件寄存网站上,如Rapidshare, , , Badango,Megaupload and Depositfiles。如果有人想下载的话,他可以选择喜欢的网站进行下载。这是免费服务。

另一个相同功能的网站叫File Ducky。如果你喜欢上传闻见到这些网站的话,也许这是一个好的选择,这样就不用一个网站一个网站地上传文件。

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