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All Translators In One Application

I have some problem when want download some software these websites are not English version, I know some very good software sites are Russian version. How can I do if I know they have English version software but no available with websites. Or if I want read their feature, I need looking for some online translator like Google Translator to figure out what they talk about. is a free open source client that uses many online translator engines such as Google Translator, Yahoo Babelfish, Systran, and so on. It supports 37 languages, so you can copy a foreign text language from a web page paste to this software, one click button that can translate many language in one interface.

Actually, I think it is over load. I do not want use too many languages together. Another point I do not like that is it looks mess when you want pick your language. But you want compare to different translators that is good stuff for you.

有时候我想要下载一些软件时会遇到一些困难,这些软件开发者网站并不使用英语。我知道有不少优秀的软件来自俄罗斯,软件本身有英文版但作者网站却不是。如果我想要了解该软件的功能的话该怎么办?一个方法就是寻找在线翻译器,如Google Translator,这样我就能大致了解网页内容。

Traslate.net是一个开放的客户端,它汇集了不少在线翻译引擎,如Google Translator, Yahoo Babelfish, Systran等等。它支持37种语言,所以你只要从网页上拷贝文字到该软件的界面上,点击翻译按钮就可以在同一界面上进行翻译。


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