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Use Docstoc Oneclick Send Big Document

We know how to send a file to somebody with email attachment, but email servers have some limited attachment size, if your file's size over 20MB maybe that will rejected. How can we send a file to other people? Of course, we can use some different ways, such as use file hosting sites that offer big space. We can use another way, Docstoc Oneclick can help you now.

Docstoc is a social document site, it offers a desk client Docstoc Oneclick that allows you send a big file (up to 50MB) with your email without attachment. Actually, it looks like some other similar services. You send an email with a file link to receivers, your file will store in Docstoc website, and receivers can click that link and download file from it.

The good things are that is quick, and also easy, even you can embed documents that makes it previewed without download. But bad thing is it only supports document files.

我们都知道如何用附件的方式来发送一个大文件给他人,但是邮件服务器对发送的附件尺寸有限制,如果发送大于20MB的文件时邮件服务器就会拒绝。当然,我们也知道有不少不同的方式来发送这些大文件,如利用文件寄存网站。现在我们也可以用另一个方式来发送文档文件,Docstoc Oneclick就可以帮助你。

Docstoc是一个社会性文件寄存网站,现在它提供一个桌面客户端Docstoc Oneclick,可以直接从桌面发送大文件(可达50MB)文件给他人而不需要使用电子邮件的附件。事实上,它与那些有相同功能的网络服务一样,发送给收件人一封邮件中附有文件下载链接,文件会寄存在Docstoc网站上,收件人可以点击其链接就可以下载该文件。


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