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A Funny Online Unit Converter

I have no idea to talk about this site, actually it was fun while I play it. Sensible Units is a fun site that offers an online converter, it can convert regular units to funny one, for example, 100 kilometer is 11 Mount Everests/21 Mont Blancs/2.9 English Channel widths (at the shortest point)/2.0 Channel Tunnels.

It is a web 2.0 site, so it will suggest you something while you type a unit. It is fun I think, maybe it can kill your time while in office.

我不知道该如何来谈论这个网站,当我玩着它时的确有点乐趣。Sensible Units是一个有趣的网站,它是一个在线转换器可以将乏味的一些单位转换成比较让人容易理解的东西。如100公里=11座珠穆朗玛峰的高度/21座穆特布朗峰的高度/2.9英吉利海峡的宽度(最短处)/2个海峡隧道的长度。

它是一个web 2.0网站,所以在你输入单位的时候会给你一些建议。我认为它的确有趣,特别是在你的办公室里无事可做的时候可以消磨时间。

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