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Use Jott Listen Articles From Your Favorite Website

If you are a crazy geek who can live without internet especially you must read article from your favorite site, how can you do without internet in somewhere like in a car or bus or train? Jott may help you that offers a new and easy way to get updates from your favorite websites via your cellphone, that talk about regular cellphone, not use cellphone surf online.

How can you do with Jott? First you need create an account with it. After that, you can add any RSS feed to your account. If you want know what new in your favorite site you can call Jott, and it will read them for you. Sounds good?


如何使用Jott?非常简单,只要创建一个账户,在其中添加你喜欢网站的RSS feed。当你需要时可以打电话到Jott,它会读给你听。听上去是不是不错?

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