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Life Without Internet

Recently, I could not update this blog that cause I am moving now. One reason is I do not have time to write this blog, another reason that cause I do not have internet access service now. The only thing I can do is take my laptop and drive my car around the town, I tried to find some free wifi hot spots.

That is what I did, I found a hot spot, and used my laptop to download some websites which are my blog resources from. After that, I can write my blog in home and save them into my hard drive. If I drive out I can stop that hot spot and connected internet by wireless route, copy and paste my articles into my blog, last step is click Publish Post button.

Yes, this is my experience of my life without internet. I found many people use wireless route without secured. That means everyone can use laptop to access internet via this open wifi. If you just surf online that would be no problem, but not for online shopping or online banking. If you like watch video online it would affected your speed while somebody use your bandwidth.

Well, that was my life without internet.




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