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Use A Good Way To Surf Websites In Your Office

If you work in an office and sometimes you do not have something to do how can you kill the time? Maybe you want surf other websites to kill the time. How can you do that if you do not have an individual office? Other employee will see what you doing if you use normal browser. The good way is to use other program to instead of browser, at least you need use something to cover it while you surfing online.

Image that, to use Microsoft Office applications to surf websites, I do not know if somebody can real use it, but one thing you can do, use a fake Office application to surf online. Work Friendly offers this feature for you, it is an online tool that use a fake Office 2003 interface to cover your surfing content.

Actually, Work Friendly uses a proxy with a fake Office 2003 interface. You can type a website address into a bar, pick up an interface you wanted. After click it will pop-up another window with a fake Office 2003 interface. You can read content which website you surfing, but only text without any pictures and multi-media files. It also has a Boss Key that will remove web address when you use mouse to point it. It looks a real Office 2003, maybe that is a good way to cheat your boss or co-workers.


想象一下,使用微软的Office软件来上网这又多好。我不知道有什么人真的有什么办法使用它来上网,但有件事你可以做,使用一个假的Office软件来上网。Work Friendly可以为你提供这个功能,它使用一个在线工具与一个假的微软Office 2003界面来遮住你上网时的内容。

事实上,Work Friendly使用一个在线代理和一个假的微软Office 2003界面。你可以在它的地址栏中输入一个网站的地址,选择一个Office 2003界面,点击后它会跳出一个新的窗口,上面是一个Office 2003界面。你可以在上面阅读你浏览的网站内容,不过他们都是文字,并没有任何图片或多媒体文件。它还有一个特别的键可以用你的鼠标指向它,随后你浏览的内容和网站地址会消失,代替它的是一个文件。它的确看上去非常像Office 2003,也许这是一个不错的方法来欺骗你的老板和同事。

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