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Some Web Tools

Erockster - an online music portal and social networking site. You can watch its music vieo, listen to music, upload your music. It is also an online community.

Finetuna - is an online image editor that allows you add commends onto a picture, you can upload your picture or link an online picture, add your text make fun.

Picjuice - another oline image editor, you can resize, crop, rotate, flip and adjust contrast and color levels with your picture, very simple to use, just upload your picture do it.

Urlpass - makes long url shorter and short one longer.

Tinypaste - simliar some web services that make long url shorter, it makes an article become a short url webpage for Twitter users.

Whoisi - search your friends on social networking sites, find what they doing.

Erockster - 一个音乐入口和社会性网络社区网站。你可以观看它的音乐视频、收听音乐、上传你的音乐作品。它还是一个网络社区。

Finetuna - 一个在线图片编辑器,可让你在图片上添加评论文字。只要上传或链接一张网络图片就可以在图片上添加文字,有趣。

Picjuice - 另一个在线图片编辑器,可编辑图片尺寸、修剪、旋转、以及调整亮度和色彩。使用非常简单,只要上传图片做就行了。

Urlpass - 将长的网址简短化,将短的网址加长。

Tinypaste - 与那些将长网址变短的网络服务相类似,它将一篇文章转为一个简单网址的网页,适用于Twitter用户。

Whoisi - 搜索工具,可发现你的朋友在一些社会性网络网站上做什么。

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