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Free 30GB Online Storage

I know some very good free online storage sites such as Adrive, Divshare, they offer big online space for free. I also know some web services called they offer unlimited online space, but they have time limited that means your files only stored 30 days or 60 days, it will delete if your files are not in using/download.

Humyo is a new online storage service that allows you store your files including documents, videos, photos or other files. You can get 30GB space for free. You can use website to upload your files that required java platform, and it also offers a desk client that allows you upload file from your desktop. I think desktop client just for payment users, I really hope it also offers to free users.

I tried upload some files that uses web loader, the speed seems OK. If you want try maybe you can register it now.

我知道不少在线储存网站如Adrive, Divshare他们向用户提供大容量的储存空间,我也知道也有一些在线储存网站声称提供无限空间,但有时间上的限制,如文件放在空间上30天、60天,如果没有链接/下载的话就要被删除。



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