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Is Magicjack A Magic For VoIP Service

I heard about Magicjack that is a kind of VoIP service before I saw its ads on TV. I did not pay attention to it till my wife told me she wants one. Yes, advertisements always looks better than a real stuff. So I want search Magicjack online to find what this magic stuff is.

Let me tell you what Magicjack is, it is a small USB device which combines internet telephone service. It is simple to use, just plug in that USB device into your computer, and insert your regular telephone jack to this device. You can call US and Canada any regular phone for free (first year), but you need buy this small device that costs $39.95 plus shipping and handling, to purchase an additional year's service for $19.95. Sounds cheap, is it?

But something makes me surprise that cause some people say it is a crap, and some people say that is a very good stuff. Which one is correct? I do not know. I was searching some websites and product reviews, I still could not make decision if I buy it or not. But I knew something:

1, Magicjack works fine. It means you can use it to make phone call. Some people say it works fine and some people say not. That is common, because it need install in your computer, and everyone's computer is different, that depends on your computer condition.

2, Magicjack has very bad help service. Its website does not have any information about address, telephone number, fax number. It only has online helpers (live talking) who behind this website. Even I check BBB (Better Business Bureau) rate it only got F which is a very bad service rate.

I also found some information about this product, but I still do not know if Magicjack is a reliable product or not. If somebody have experience with this product, would you like tell me your opinion?




1, Magicjack的确能够通过电脑来打电话。有些人说它不怎么好用,而有些人则说它非常不错。这也可以理解,它毕竟要安装在电脑上,每个人的电脑都不一样,这取决于你的电脑状况。

2, Magicjack的售后服务非常差。在它的网站上你看不到任何有关这家公司的信息,没有地址、电话号码、电传号码。唯一的服务是网络在线交谈。我查了一下它在BBB(Better Business Bureau)上的服务评级,只有F级这个属于很差的等级。


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