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Live Mesh, Online Microsoft Virtual Desktop

Microsoft seems develop some new business, actually it just enlarge original one, Microsoft Live is not a new service but its interface is brand new, and layout looks cool. It contains some different Microsoft online services, and seems like another Microsoft Passport or instead of it. You can use its ID to sign in some different Microsoft online services, such as Hotmail, MSN, Live.

Now, it has another new company that call Mesh. This is an online virtual desktop, similar with another one that I posted, or other like Desktop Two, Mygoya. Usually, that kind of stuff combine some different services, like online storage, email, calendar, news, RSS reader, note, or other. Mesh seems like only one interest that is online storage, it allows you can add other kind devices, and that will synchronizing together.

If you have Live ID you can use it to sign in with Mesh. Of course, it is free.

微软好像在拓展一些新的业务,实际上,它是在更新旧的业务。Microsoft Live并不是一个新业务,但它的界面是全新的,设计看上去很酷。它包含了一些微软的在线服务,这好像以前的Microsoft Passport,或者说取代了它。你可以用它的ID登陆一些微软不同的网络服务,如:Hotmail, MSN, Live

现在,它又有了一个新伙伴Mesh。这是一个在线虚拟桌面服务,与我曾经介绍的其他一些在线虚拟桌面网站相同,如G.ho.stDesktop TwoMygoya。这类服务通常包含在线储存、电子邮件、随手贴、日历、RSS阅读器、新闻等等,但是Mesh的兴趣点好像仅限于网络储存。它可以让你添加一些其他的装置,并将文件同步化。

如果你有Live ID的话,可以使用它来登陆Mesh。这是免费服务。

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