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Use SimpleMail As Email Client In Firefox

One year ago I like use Email client to receive and send email such as Eudora or Foxmail, but I changed my way now.You know why? I like use online email servers like Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail to get and send email, that cause I do not want open two big applications to waste PC memory. My internet life is not only received and sent email, I spent a lot of time online to search something, to read something, to write something. Use online email server is easy way, I do not need open or even download/install an email client.

I know some people like use email client, it should be easy for them. I think best point is you can receive/send email via pop3/smtp, so you do not need log in your email accounts again and again. I miss that, and I also use a small application to get some emails either. Do you think you can use Firefox to receive/send email via pop3/smtp as an email client?

Simple Mail is a add-on of Firefox, it is small but useful. You do not need open other email client, just use your Firefox browser but the interface similar an email client. You can add your pop3/smtp email accounts as in an email client. After that, you can receive/send email via pop3/smtp servers.

Simple Mail is a pretty cool Firefox add-on application. I do like it. Only thing I do not like is it can not save passwords.

一年前我还是在使用邮件客户端来收发电子邮件,但是现在我已经改变的方法。我喜欢用在线邮件服务网站来收发邮件,如Gmail, Yahoo, 或Hotmail。主要的原因是我不想打开两个庞大的软件来消耗电脑内存,我的网络生活并不仅仅是收发邮件,在网络上更多的时间用于搜索、阅读和写作。使用在线邮件服务网站对我来说更方便,我不需要打开甚至下载安装那些邮件客户端。


Simple Mail是一个Firefox浏览器的添加件,它可以让你像一个邮件客户端那样使用但无须安装任何邮件客户端,只要使用Firefox浏览器来直接从pop3/smtp服务器上收发邮件。它的界面与邮件客户端相同,你可以添加pop3/smtp邮件账户,这样你就有了一个基于Firefox的邮件客户端。

Simple Mail是一个非常不错的Firefox添加件,我非常喜欢它。唯一不足的是它不能保存密码。

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