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Convert World, A Nice Online Unit Conversion Tool

I have a problem that is very hard to convert units, because I was growing up in China, we use units that totally difference between American units. Up to now, I still do not know how many kilograms is a pound if I am not use a converter.

Convert World is an online converter that offers many functions to convert different units, such as time, currency, length, volume, mass, and many other units. It is a very nice unit conversion tool, very easy and quick. A good pint is it offers different language interface, it is very good for people who use different languages.


Convert World是一个在线转换网站,它提供全方位的单位转换如:时间、货币、长度、重量、体积等等许多不同单位的转换服务。这是一个非常不错的转换工具,简单和快速。它有一个非常不错的选项是可以选择不同语言的网页版本,这对那些使用不同语言的国际用户非常方便。

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