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Usually, I compose my blog via online web server, that mean I like sign in my account and write something. As I like use web mail server to compose my email, same reason that I do not want open two applications same time and waste my RAM.

Write To My Blog is a free web based word processor for your blog. You can use it to compose your blog in plain text or HTML. You do not need register or sign in account, just go Write To My Blog, pick your style that you like. It is pretty easy to use, you can do most functions which most word programs have, like insert picture, video to your blog. After you did you can check spell and preview it before you send.

It supports several blog clients, such as Blogger, Wordpress. It allows you send an article to three blog accounts at same time. That pretty cool if you have some blog accounts.

I could not use old blog version to send my blog that cause Write To My Blog says new version much stable. But I do not like new version.


Write To My Blog是一个免费的在线blog编辑器,它可以让你使用多种方式来写blog。你并不需要注册或下载什么软件,只要到Write To My Blog网站上,选择你要的写作模式。非常容易使用,你可以选用大多数Word软件中的功能,如插入图片、视频等。在你写完后还可以使用拼字检查,在发送前还可以预览文章。

它支持一些blog服务器,如Blogger, Wordpress等。允许你同时向三个blog服务器发送文章,这对有些拥有几个blog的用户来说很方便。

我并没有成功地发送我的blog,因为Write To My Blog说新的blog版本更稳定。但是我并不喜欢新版本。

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