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CatalogChoice Helps You Remove Postal Junk Mails

If you live in USA maybe you have a lot of (postal) mails in your mailbox everyday, most they are junks that you have never subscribed. I really do not know where they got my mailing information, it really makes me headache but no any idea to stop it.

Maybe Catalog Choice can help you a little. It is a free service that helps you to reduce your junk mails in your mailbox. Sounds great! But how does it work?

First step is register an account with Catalog Choice, you will offer your name and primary mailing address.

Then, to find and decline your catalogs, you can search catalog database. Catalog Choice will contact the catalog providers and requesting that your name be removed from their mailing lists.

Last step is waiting. It will take at least 10 weeks to process your request. I have not try but hope it works.


也许Catalog Choice可能会对你有点帮助,它是一个免费服务,帮助你减少你的邮箱里的垃圾邮件。听上非常不错!它是如何工作的?

首先,你需要在Catalog Choice上注册一个账户,你需要提供你的姓名和邮址。

然后,你可以搜索目录数据库发现和减少你不需要的目录。之后就是Catalog Choice的任务了,它会代表你与那些目录提供商联系,要求他们停止寄送目录邮件。


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