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Microsoft Church Package?

Maybe I stuck this, I have never heard about Microsoft has a brand new product - Microsoft Church Package before. I have no idea what that is when I first saw this picture.

This is a Korean website that sales Microsoft Office 2007 online but call it Microsoft Church Package. I do not know about Korean but I think that is not a religious organization, it is a crappy site. The funny thing is this picture and this fake name. If someone understand Korean might to check this site.

也许我消息不通,我从来也没有听说过微软出了一个新的产品- Microsoft Church Package(微软教堂合辑)。当我第一次看到上面的这张图时不知道它究竟是什么。

这是一家韩国网站,它在线销售Microsoft Office 2007却将它改名为Microsoft Church Package。我不懂韩国语但我想这并不是一家宗教机构,它只是一个蹩脚的商业网站。有趣的是这张图和这个名字。如果有人懂韩国语的话可以去这个网站看个究竟。

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