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Protect Your Short URL

I think we know many web services that make long web address convert shorter one that we can use. It is a kind of service that makes online surfing more convenient, and you can post it on web page bypass something which filtered some keywords. Usually, these short web URLs are in public that means everyone can use them.

But maybe you do not know about Thinfi, it is a this kind web service but has more secures. Why? that cause you can put a password for this short URL. If you do not want a short URL which you made to share with other people, or limited some one use, that is a good choice.

It is easy to protect your short URL, just fill original long web address and a password, hit Enter key on your keyboard. It gives you a short URL at once, click this link you need fill a password that offered before. If that password correct it will take you to original website.




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