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An Easy Way To Search A File

If you want search a file, software, a video, or a MP3, what search engine do you want use first? I think most people say Google. That is right, it is a powerful search engine. But it also has a big problem that is Google results are too big, you need spend time to scoop these results.

Sometimes you do not need use this giant search engine if you just want search a software or a MP3 for downloading. Maybe you can use alternate search engine. I like use Filesnatcher, it is a file search engine that special search some file hosting site such as Rapidshare, Badongo, Mediafire, 4Shared. If you have experience you know what I mean, especially for search video, photo, music, TV show, software, even adult materials.

Search also is simple, just put keyword as normal search site. I got tell you if I do not want spend time on Google, I prefer use Filesnatcher.




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