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Search Your Buddies With BuddyFetch

BuddyFetch is a search engine for people looking for their friends on some social network sites, dating site or instant messengers. It supports many web services including AIM, Yahoo Personals, Youtube, Myspace, and so on.

BuddyFetch is a profiles search engine, you can put keyword, hobby, interest to search bar. I do not know where these personal information came from. Click a result that will take you to a social network site or instant messenger site, you can see that person's profile. Maybe it will help you make friends easy.

I tried this search site but I do not think it works fine.

BuddyFetch是一个搜索网站,它的主要任务是帮助人们发现那些在一些社会性网站、即时通讯网站鹤交由网站上的朋友。它支持非常多的网站,包括AIM, Yahoo Personals, Youtube, Myspace等等。



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