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Prove A Chinese Female Gymnast's Age Via Internet

I read an interesting article today that talk about how to prove a Chinese gymnast's age via internet, you know west media doubt Chinese female gymnasts are under age in Olympic game. Author is a Chinese but his blog is English, he shows us how to search a Chinese gymnast information. The interesting point is you can find Chinese official document which is gymnast registration list online.

I do not want repeat his whole article, just simple copy a few search steps below.

Use Chinese biggest search engine Baidu search a Chinese gymnast 何可欣 (He kexin), of course you need use Chinese. Choose "advanced search" with Excel spreadsheet format.

We can find the some results from the General Administration of Sport of China are show a document brief. Unfortunately, original document is a Excel spreadsheet format that deleted for some reasons now. We can find a HTML format list in Baidu cache (may delete late).

It is a sheet of “2006 National Gymnast Registration”, may 2007. If you search 2005 it still on Baidu cache.

That is all. I also did some other search, the results are same. Do you think internet is powerful?





你可以看到一个"2006年全国体操运动员上报注册表" ,还有2007年。如果你搜索2005年的话,它还在百度缓存中。


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