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OperaTor, Another Anonymous Browser

Two days ago I have introduced xB Browser which is an anonymous browser, it mush up Firefox and Tor. Today I want introduce another one - OperaTor which mush up Opera and Tor. Both browsers have same feature - make you surfing online anonymously.

OperaTor current version is 3.1, it uses Opera 9.51, added Tor, and Polipo. As xB Browser, OperaTor is also a portable software, so you can setup it into USB flash drive to go.

Of course, it is simple to use, you do not need change anything. First time when you open it may wait a while. After it automatic connects Tor everything will be fine as a normal browser. It is not really introduce something if you know how to use Opera browser.

两天前,我在这里介绍过一个匿名浏览器-xB Browser,它是由Firefox和Tor组成。今天我要介绍另一个匿名浏览器-OperaTor,它是由Opera和Tor组成,显然这两个匿名浏览器有异曲同工之处。两个浏览器都可以让你匿名浏览网络。

OperaTor目前的版本是3.1,它使用Opera 9.51,添加了Tor,还有Polipo。如xB Browser一样,OperaTor也是一个便携式软件,你可以将其安装在U盘上带着走。

当然,它使用起来很简单,也不需要更改什么。刚开始使用时可能要等待它自动连接到Tor服务器,之后就可以如一般的浏览器那样使用。如果你知道如何使用Opera browser的话也就无需多说什么了。

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