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Get PcTools Software For Free One Year

I always think if you like search internet you will find a lot of free lunch. This time I also spread Raymond's free lunch, if anybody like just take it.

Pc Tools is a global software company that offers internet safety software, like anti-virus, firewall, internet security. Compare to other software Pc Tools offers light, useful, and less system resource usage software. Most software are commercial ware but you can three software (Spyware Doctor 6, Antivirus and Privacy Guardian 4.1)for free use one year today. Take a look below and to know how to get it.

First step is go to this page, that is an Australia Bank. Click any links that give you a page of Pc Tools. Fill a forum that you need offer name, email address (that will active your account and get products code).

After you submit your information it should send an email back to your mail box quickly, you need click active link that takes you a page with this message: Westpac Banking Corporation - Special Offer! Thank you - verification email sent. Check your email again, an email with another link that takes you a page with your ID and products codes and software download links.

So, next step is download software. You can fill product code after you setup. That is all steps, you can use them free one year.


Pc Tools是一个全球性的网络安全软件公司,它开发不少软件如反病毒、网络安全、防火墙等。与其他相同的产品相比较,它的产品具有体积小、实用性强和占用资源少的特点。大多数它的产品是商业性软件,但是这一次你可以得到三个产品免费使用一年,分别是Spyware Doctor 6、Antivirus和Privacy Guardian 4.1。查看下面的具体步骤就可以了解如何得到这些软件。

首先你需要到这个页面,这是一个澳大利亚银行的宣传网页。点击上面任何一个可以连接到Pc Tools网页,上面有一个表格,你可以输入你的名字和电子邮件地址(激活账户和接收注册码只用)。

在你递交了信息后会收到一封邮件,里面有一个激活账户链接。点击链接后可转到一个网页,上面有这样的信息:Westpac Banking Corporation - Special Offer! Thank you - verification email sent。再次查看你的邮件,Pc Tools会发送另一封邮件附有另一个链接,它带你到一个网页上显示你的用户名、注册码和软件下载链接。


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