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Share Your File With Your Friend Directly

Fileai is a web service that allows people send file to other people securely especial for big file which you can not send it with your email. Actually, Fileai is not a file hosting site, it just helps you share a file with your friend easy and quickly.

It is not like a regular file hosting site, you upload your file is not for store there, it just for your friend quick download at once. It seems similar peer to peer transfer between two PCs. Fileai like a platform that helps both PCs connect to each other with 128-bit AES encryption.

You do not install any software but required Java Applet, you can use most regular browsers to send/download your file. When you upload a file you will get an ID from Fileai, you can email or use instant message send it to your friend who you want sharing with, that person can use this ID link download your file without waiting.


它不象一般的网络储存网站,你所上传的文件并不是为了储存在它的服务器上,而是为了让对方更快速地下载。它有点类似两个电脑之间点对点的传输,Fileai就如一个平台帮助两个电脑使用128-bit AES加密相互连接起来。

你并不需要安装任何软件,但需要Java Applet。可以使用任何主流浏览器来进行传输。当你要与他人分享一个文件时你会从Fileai那里得到一个ID链接,可以用电子邮件或其他即时通讯软件告知对方,这可以用来立刻下载文件而不需要等待。

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