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How To Watch Youtube Beijing 2008 Channel

Beijing 2008 Olympic game is biggest sport event for most people who love sports, they want watch different games live but it does not mean every TV station play it live. Like me, I could not see most games live even opening ceremony. For Chinese people that is not problem, almost every Chinese channels are play it live, but for other countries, people just looking for watch live game online. I did that while opening ceremony.

It is not easy to find a place that you can watch Beijing 2008 Olympic live game now, because some P2P internet TV clients removed Chinese sport channel cause copyright. Even Youtube blocked US user watch a Beijing 2008 channel, but some Asian countries users are still can watch it.

How to watch Beijing 2008 channel? Valleywag posts a good way to hack Youtube. You can follow steps below to try if you can not see Beijing 2008 channel in your country.

1. Open in your browser.

2. After the site loads, find the option in your browser for editing cookies. Here's the instructions for Firefox 3.0:

* Click the Tools->Options (Windows) or Firefox->Preferences (Mac) menu option
* On the Preferences pane that appears, click the Privacy Tab.
* In the Privacy panel, Click on Show Cookies...
* In the Cookies panel that appears, search for "youtube" in the search box.
* Look for a cookie named " GEO"
* Select the GEO cookie and click Remove Cookie

3. In the same browser window that has YouTube loaded, set your own GEO cookie by trying to open this URL in your browser. Do not break line.


You should get a dropdown dialog box that says "The page at says GEO=bb84fb3cd7df0 ..." This is not an error message, it's a notification that you've set the cookie successfully.

4. You should have a rigged GEO cookie for YouTube now. Try opening I suggest you use an Asian IP proxy like China or Thailand. First time I could not get right, so I try use this IP address:, it works. I use Downloadhelper to download a video from Beijing 2008 channel.

If you don't get the splashy red Beijing 2008 page shown above, you may not have set the cookie correctly.



现在,要在网上找到一个可以观看奥运比赛的地方也并不容易,这是由于一些中国的点对点网络电视客户端因版权问题暂时取消了体育频道,甚至连Youtube都封锁美国用户观看它的Beijing 2008频道。不过,一些亚洲国家仍然可以看到该频道的视频。

如何才能观看Youtube Beijing 2008频道?Valleywag发布了一个突破方法,只要你用下面的方法就可以顺利观看这个频道。

1. 用浏览器打开Youtube

2. 在网站载入后在浏览器的选项中编辑cookies。这里以Firefox 3.0为例:

* 点Tools(工具)-> Options(选项)
* 找到Privacy,在Cookies这栏中点Click on Show Cookies...
* 打开后可看到 "youtube"
* 查看 " GEO"这一栏
* 选中GEO cookie并将其删除

3. 在相同的YouTube窗口的地址栏中输入下面的代码,注意,必须是一行,中间不能有断行


4. 它会越出一个对话框:"The page at says GEO=bb84fb3cd7df0 ...",没有关系,只是一个提醒

5. 在同一个窗口的地址栏中打开这个网址: ,我建议用一个亚洲国家的IP地址,如中国、泰国、马来西亚。第一次我并没有成功,后来用了219.93.175.67:8080这个代理才顺利打开。我就是用这个方法下载了一个视频片断。


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