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Online Meeting

Dimdim is an online conference service that allows you share your desktop, talking, collaborating, and view each other by webcam. The good point is you do not need any software except your webcam, everything works with your browser, very convenient. That is very good for everyone, if you want talk to several people with same topic you can use Dimdim, it helps you much easy to communicate with your group or friends.

It is a free service, if you registered you can get up to 20 people chatting in one room. Like an online meeting, Dimdim lets you share desktop as other remote software doing. You can share whiteboard, PDF, Present PowerPoint. You can use video and audio to talking, even you can record and playback it. If you want private you can use one to one mode. Sounds good?

Only thing seems a little bit confuse to figure out how to use it. Little peek this video you can will know how.


它是一个免费服务,如果你注册的话可以与20个人在同一聊天室内进行对话。如一个在线会议,Dimdim让你象远程控制软件功能那样共享桌面,你可以共享白板、PDF, Present PowerPoint。你也可以使用视频和音频对话,甚至进行录音、回放。如果你想进行私人对话的话,可以选择一对一模式。听上去是不是很不错?


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