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Test Your Site If Block In China

Websitepulse is a web site that is a web server and website monitoring Service. It is a commercial site but also has some useful test tool, includingwebsite test, DNS test, service test, and network test.

I was interesting about one tool which can test China firewall, because I am wondering if my site block in China, my Chinese friends complain about sometimes they can not see it. This tool lists three Chinese cities: Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong. The good point is it also lists three other cities that outside China: Seattle (US), Munich, Germany, Brisbane, Australia. Just fill a web address into the bar, choose each city you want test, one is in China, another one in other country. After enter the Verification Code just click Perform Test button. After a while it will show you a result. Fortunately, my site is working in China.


我对一个工具比较感兴趣,这是一个测试网站工具,它可以测试任何网站是否在中国能够浏览,也就是说测试中国的网络防火墙。有时候我的中国朋友告诉我他们无法浏览我的网站,我想使用它来看一下我的网站是否可以在中国浏览。有一个不错的方面是它不仅列出了3个中国城市:上海、北京、香港;还列出了3个中国以外的城市:西雅图(美国)、慕尼黑(德国)、布里斯班(澳洲)。只要输入想要测试的网站地址,分别选择鸽子一个城市,一个在中国,另一个在别的国家。在输入验证码后可点击Perform Test按钮。过一会你就可以看到结果。万幸的是我的网站现在能够在中国浏览。

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