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xB Browser, An Anonymous Browser

I do not want say how important anonymous surf online is, if your ISP or school is not block you surf somewhere online may that is not need. Of course, if you do not want leave your track online it is better to use anonymous proxy.

I know we have many choices if we want anonymous surf online, but today I only talk about use a safe software xB Browser. It is a product of Xero Networks AG that based on Republic of Panama. It offers private internet solution: XeroBank. xB Browser is a part of XeroBank but it is free. XeroBank is a commercial product.

xB Browser is a browser that based on Firefox 2.0, and mush up Tor. It is a portable software, similar with some other anonymous software such as Opera Tor. You can setup it with your UBS flash drive.

After you set up you can double click icon bar, first time it seems so slow, it will automatic search Tor proxy. After connected you will browse as normal. It is good for most people who do not know how to set up proxy, because you do not need do that.


我知道我们有很多方式来匿名浏览网络,但今天我只谈安全匿名浏览软件xB Browser,它是基于巴拿马的Xero Networks AG名下的一个产品,该公司提供一个安全网络浏览的方案:XeroBank。xB Browser是XeroBank的一个部分,但是免费的。XeroBank则是一个商业产品。

xB Browser是一个基于Firefox 2.0浏览器和融合了Tor产品。它是一个便携式软件,与其他一些匿名软件如Opera Tor类似,你可以安装在U盘上。


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