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What's New? Website Links

Bitdig - do you like torrent download? maybe this site good for you. Dig torrent download stuff.
Tinysong - a music search site that turn result to a short web address, good for share music with other people.
Friv - an online flash game site, it has over a hundred games for playing.
Iconlook - an icon search engine, you can search different size of icons.
Tazti - a software that lets you use vocal command surf online. Navigate Facebook, Myspace. Control iTunes. Search Google, YouTube, etc. Create speech commands. Manage bookmarks. I did not try but sounds amazing. Look at an introduce video below.

Bitdig - 你喜欢torrent(变态下载)吗?如果是的话,也许这个网站适合你。挖掘变态下载资源。
Tinysong - 一个音乐搜索网站,可以将搜索结果转为一个短地址,适合与他人分享音乐。
Friv - 一个在线flash游戏网站,有超过上百个游戏。
Iconlook - 一个图标搜索网站,你可以搜索不同尺寸的图标。
Tazti - 一个可以让你用语音来浏览网络的软件,可导航FacebookMyspace,控制iTunes和搜索GoogleYouTube。以及创建语音命令和管理书签。我并没有试过但听上去非常不错。你可以看一下上面的介绍视频。

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