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Turn Your Blog To A Podcast

As you see I have this blog but I do not have a Podcast, I really want it. I know I do not have time to create another audio blog. I know some people like use iPgone or iPod to listen blog. If you have a blog maybe you have same thought as I have.

Now, maybe the thing become simple. Readspeaker can help you become a Podcater without any special change. This is a free web tool that helps you to create and publish an audio version of your blog as Podcast. Only you need to do is register with Readspeaker, and submit a RSS or Atom feed of your blog. It will convert an audio (MP3) blog for you, like a widget below, just click item to play.

Now, you are also a Podcaster.


现在,事情可能会变得简单了。Readspeaker是一个免费在线工具,它可以帮助你将blog变成一个音频blog如同一个Podcast(播客)。而这一切并不需要特别的更改,唯一你需要做的是在Readspeaker注册一个账户,输入blog的RSS或Atom feed。它会将该blog转换成一个MP3的音频文件,如上面的widget所示,将你的blog变成一个可播放的Podcast。点击上面的条目听一下是不是很不错?

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