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Get Free Official License Of ZoneAlarm ForceField

I got an email from Zonealarm, it told me it has a promotion for push ZoneAlarm® ForceField™, so you can get its official license use one year for free, but only through August 12 6 am to 13 6 am (Pacific Time).

As before, you can go This Page for register an account, just fill your name and email address. You will get an email with an official code, and a download link.

After that, download it and setup. It will ask you register when you first time running, just fill code that you got from Zonealarm. That is all.

Let me to introduce this software a little bit more. ZoneAlarm® ForceField™ provides a protective layer around your browser, shielding you from drive-by downloads, browser exploits, phishing attempts, spyware and keyloggers. So your passwords, your confidential information, and your financial data remain protected. It builds a virtual environment for your browser, so everything you do with your browser it only store a temporary clone one that ZoneAlarm® ForceField™ created. So you do not need worry about any virus, spyware while you surfing online.

I think that is a good concept. If you want try you need hurry.

我收到一封来自Zonealarm的邮件,它告知我目前正在一个宣传活动来推动属下产品ZoneAlarm® ForceField™。所以你可以获得免费官方注册码,不过时间上游所限制。从美国太平洋时间8月12号至13号上午6点。



让我来华一点时间谈一下这个软件。ZoneAlarm® ForceField™为你的浏览器提供一个保护层,将病毒、间谍软件、恶意代码挡在门外。它建立了一个虚拟的浏览环境,这样在你上网时就无需担心个人信息的泄漏和受病毒和恶意网站的侵袭。其实,ZoneAlarm® ForceField™的作用是克隆了你的浏览器,在你是用它的时候任何东西都不会储存到你的电脑中。


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