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Try Kyps To Protect Your ID While Use Public PC

Do you use public computer sometimes? How do you protect yourself while you use a public computer? I know some ways you can do, like take your USB flash drive with some portable programs. Yes, they can protect your private information.

But the problem still exist that is you still can not stop someone sniff you, if you want check your email in a public computer, how can you do? No any idea? Maybe you can try Kyps that helps you keep your password secret. It offers a code (once time using) for you sign in your account.

First, you need register with Kyps, it is free but you need assign an email account with it. Now, it supports Hotmail,Live, Yahoo mail, Gmail,, Gmx, Myspace. Of course, you need offer your use name and password. After that, you will get a sheet of code like this picture below.

Print or write down your codes, you can use them to sign in your email account via Kyps.

Click Safely log into a website

Select a website and fill your use name in the bar, click Continue

Enter your code into the bar, click Login. That is all. If you lucky you can get in your account, but I could not even I waste my several codes. Good lucky if you want try.



首先你需要在Kyps上注册,这是免费的但你需要将一个电子邮件与之关联。目前它支持Hotmail,LiveYahoo mailGmailWeb.deGmxMyspace。同时,你需要提供该账户的用户名和密码。之后,你会得到一页附有代码的列表,如图1所示。


在主页上点击Safely log into a website -> 选择你所注册的网站,输入你的用户名,点Continue -> 输入一个代码,点Login。这就是全部过程,你可以参考上面的图片。如果你走运的话,你可以登陆自己的账户。不幸的是我浪费了一些代码后仍然无法登陆我的账户。

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