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Compress Your File Without Any Software

ShrinkFile is a free online service that can help you to compress your file without any software. We know if we want send or download a big file we need WinZip or WinRAR this kind software, if your computer does not have this kind software how can you do? For example, you use your friend's computer, and you want send your digital picture to your mail box. ShrinkFile is a good helper to do that job.

As an online tool, ShrinkFile makes you use it simply. Just upload your file from computer to its server, after a while you can download it that already done. If you do not have time to wait to download it, do not worry it will host file a week, you can download it anytime period of a week.

Now, ShrinkFile only supports .zip format, I hope it will support more formats in the future.

ShrinkFile是一个免费的在线工具,它可以帮助你在线打包你的文件,这一切都无需任何软件。我们知道要发送或下载一个大文件需要有WinZip 或WinRAR这样的打包软件,但如果你的电脑没有打包软件该如何办?如你在使用朋友的一台电脑,而你想将相机里的数码相片发送到你的信箱中。这时候ShrinkFile就可以帮你完成这个任务。



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