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Accept Calls Anonymously

I hate tele-market that is annoyed by recalling again and again. I always do not understand where did they find my phone number. I know sometimes we need leave our phone number on somewhere, like website, Craigslist. How can you leave a phone number but against spammers?

Letscall is a good way that helps you against calling spammers. This is a free service, you can leave your contact page with Letscall but never leak your phone number, even you can know what number that calls you.

How it works?

* Pick your own page with Letscall instead of giving out your phone number, it will create a web address for you
* People who want to call you input their phone number on your Letscall page, and then it will call them and connect them with you
* Your phone will ring with the other person's Caller ID
* If you want to block the person from calling you, just tell Letscall about spammer's number




* 选择一个Letscall网页来取代留下你的电话号码,它会为你创建一个页面
* 如果有人想打电话给你的话需要到你的Letscall页面上留下他们的电话号码,Letscall会联系对方并将双方的通话相连接
* 你的电话铃声会响起来,并告知来电者的身份
* 如果你想禁止哪个人打电话给你,只要告诉Letscall该人的身份即可

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