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Update Your Social Networking Sites At Once

I am not a big fan of micro-blog, so I never use it. But I know many people like it, especial for cellphone users. Some people have some micro-blogs but which one is best? I do not know.

If you like post more than one micro-blog sites maybe you can look at that allows you to post to multiple micro blogging networks like Twitter, Pownce, Plurk, Friendfeed, Rejaw, Facebook, even some instant messengers like Yahoo Messenger, Live, and other social networking site. was launched early of 2008 in private version, but now it is open to public for registration.


如果你喜欢在多个微型blog上发布消息的话,也许可以去看看。它可以让你一次向多个微型blog上发布消息,如TwitterPowncePlurkFriendfeedRejawFacebook等,甚至还可以向即时通讯软件发布消息,如雅虎通, Live,以及一些社会性服务网站。


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