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Online Trend Community With Celebrity

Coolspotters is an online community that focuses on some cool stuff and celebrities. If you like read People, fashion magazine, watch ET TV show, maybe that site is good for you. After registered you can discover what brand these stars wore, what kind of cellphone they used, even what kind of car they drove.

With Coolspotters you also can find some famous brand and cool stuff. As an online community, you can also talk about your favorite products, celebrities, movies, music, and more with other people. You can track other one who you interested activity. If you really interesting your favorite idol you can create "spots" that allows you post "spots" when you fond a photo that you know what brand this idol's waring, caring, or taking. I am not a this kind person, but I know many people are celebrities' fan, maybe it will be fun.

Coolspotters 是一个在线社区,它主要关注那些酷东西和名人。如果你常常看一些名人杂志,或者喜欢观看时尚电视节目的话,也许这个网站就很适合你。在注册后你可以发现一些名人穿戴的品牌,他们使用什么样的移动电话,以及开什么样的汽车。


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