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Add Watermarker On Your Photo

I personal do not like watermark on the photo, but you can see some websites are using watermark photo with their photo posts. I understand people want protect their photos, and avoid some site direct use these photos. If you want do that way how can you do? Use a photo editor? Yes, you can. But you have another way now.

Picmarker is an online photo editor that lets you to add custom watermark (image or text) to your photo. You can upload your photos to its server, or links photo from Flickr. Click Ok! go to step2 button. wait for a while if your photo is big. After photo load you can add text or another icon into photo. After that your photo is done. You can upload it to Flickr or download it. I was failed while did last step, I can not click download button, and flickr button was working. It seems has a problem when you upload a big photo.

This online photo editor is free, but it also has another version that is a commercial software you download.


Picmarker是一个在线图片编辑器,它可以让你在图片中添加水印(文字或图标)。你可以上传图片到它的服务器上,或者连接Flickr的图片。点击Ok! go to step2按钮,如果你的图片比较大的话需要等一会。在图片载入界面后你可以添加文字或者图标到主图片中。完成后,你可以将图片发送到Flickr上,或者下再到电脑中。我在最后一步时并没有成功,下载按钮不能被点击,但flickr却可以。它似乎在载入大图片时有点困难。


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