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A Very Nice 3D Interactive Map

I like browse maps if I want check some places or go somewhere, it is easy way to know location, another hand is fun. Onion Map is a cool map site that shows you an interactive map of some tourist attraction cities around the world, such as New York, Paris, Beijing, Hong Kong, Roma, and so on.

It is a tourist map, has 3D model, so you can see some 3D buildings on map. It also offers some tourist information such as hotel, restaurant, shopping places, transportation. It has an additional information about distance from a center to other several place, like in Washington DC, you can find the distance that from the Washington Monument to The White House, Lincoln Memorial, US Capitol. It is a really cool map.

在要去别的地方前我喜欢查看一些地图,这是一个方便的方法去了解当地的情况,而且还比较有趣。Onion Map是一个非常酷的地图网站,它显示一个交互式热门旅行城市地图,包括一些吸引游客的城市,如纽约、巴黎、北京、香港、罗马等。


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