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Easy Search & Embed Youtube Video

You Embed Tube is a website that offers you search videos of Youtube by tags. Just type related tag and pick up preview video's quantity. After click Preview button it shows you some small screenshots, a video address displayed after you move you mouse cover a screenshot. Click it that will take you to that video located on Youtube. If you like put it on your site, it should be very easy, just click Get Code Right Now! button on right site, it will display code for you.

I use tag Japan to search and got code that display like that below.

This site also has another site Flickr In that offers image search on Flickr, same function.

You Embed Tube是一个提供用户简单快速搜索和粘贴Youtube上的视频的网站,只要使用标签就可以快速进行。输入相关视频的标签,选择预览视频的数量,点击预览按钮后它会显示一些小的截屏图,点击一个截图它会转到原来的Youtube视频页面。如果你想粘贴他们到你的网站上,可以点击右边的Get Code Right Now!,它会立刻显示粘贴代码。

这个网站还有另一个类似的姊妹站Flickr In,搜索和粘贴Flickr上的图片,功能相同。


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