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Find How About Neighbors

Rotten Neighbor is an estate search site that allows you search a place that you want check environment that included rated neighbors. It combines Google Maps that display local area that you searched.

You can search subject by local address, country, state, and zip code. If you are lucky maybe you can find some information of location. I tried to search some small town but only a few information available.

Another feature is post comments. Actually, you can post comments with other marked neighbors, or upload your date of your neighbors to server. I know that service is not easy, how can it filter some untrue data if someone create a fake negative one? I saw many marked houses with sex offensive, I do not know where this sate from. Maybe Rotten Neighbor just use this public information. This service seems just only for US.

Rotten Neighbor是一个地产搜索网站,它可以让你搜索一个你想要查看的地方的环境包括评价邻居。它与Google地图结合,显示你所查看区域。


它的另一个特点是你可以发表评论。事实上,你不但可以在现有标明的地方发表评论,还可以上传自己有关邻居的资料到该网站。我知道这个服务并不容易,如果有人伪造一个负面的邻居资料该如何过滤?我看到不少用性侵犯来标明的邻居,我不知道这个信息来源。也许是Rotten Neighbor使用这个公共信息来警示大众。这个服务看上去仅适合美国本土。

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